Dean’s Message

Our faculty which started education life taking 47 students in 2012-2013 period for department of Business Administration, after complete required academic staff for  department of International Business Administration and Trade, took  47 students also in this department in 2013-2014 period. And recently Management Information Systems which is the third department of the faculty has the property of being a first within the academical departments of Uludag University. In 4 years, as of 2015-2016 period, the number of students for all of those departments reached up 401.

Inegol Faculty of Business aims to make visible power of science which determine and analyse problems in changing world. For this we’ve two means; first one is courses that will carried out within the scope of the effectiveness of student-academic member, second one is science projects that will carried out within the scope of university-society and/or university-industry cooperation.  In this respect, a lot of participants will be able to find an opportunity that contribute to science in unique way.

Science is universal, but at the same time it’s local in connection with understanding and solving the problems. When considered from this point of view, the university and the faculty have to differ from each other to the extent that meeting the local requirements. So, Inegol Faculty of Business designs its programs and other scientific activities in line with this reality.

There’re complementary processes and tasks in the current world reality. Jobs and tasks are done by collective consciousness, only then expectations from faculty can be met easily. Also the university provides a suitable environment to obtain a social identity. Thus the synergy will occur and so the students, the teaching staff and the university administration will be able to brighten the environment.

Dear students;

In this process, you should not stick internet networks with virtual identity delusion. You should make a habit of defending your own ideas with real-life identity.

You should advocate respective ideas with self-reliance. Above mentioned university education’s power which change the individual and the society could manifest itself just in this way. Of course including criticism and presenting an opinion on the basis of mutual respect.

I wish you health and success…

Prof. Dr. İbrahim CANBOLAT